Nothing beats the taste of a truly delicious caramel apple.  Fall is the best time to make, and enjoy these wonderful treats. 
Imagine selling Caramel Apples at your next event. Whether it's a football game, craft fair, school or church function or Halloween, Concession offers all the great equipment and accessories to make your Candy Apples the best around!
Look for Caramel Apple Dip, Apple Hackers, Single & Twin carmel dip warmers, Quicker dippers, Printed candy apple bags, Caramel apple pans, Sticker equipment, Caramel Apple sticks, Granulated peanuts and so much more. The only thing you may need to furnish would be the apples!

How To Make Caramel Apples

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Midway's Finest Caramel Apple Dip-Each

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Buy by the single can for those mouth watering caramel apples!

This is it! This is the magic to make a great tasting Caramel Apple. Take it from the pros, this is the catalyst for success. Create your own delicious carmel apples with Midway's Finest Caramel Apple Dip.

Each can should cover approx 60 two inch apples.

Packed 1-#10 Can

Midway's Finest Caramel Apple Dip

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This is it!  This is the magic to make a great tasting Caramel Apple.  Take it from the pros, this is the catalyst for success. Create your own delicious carmel apples with Midway's Finest Caramel Apple Dip.

Each case should cover approx 350 two inch apples. 

Packed 6-#10 per case

"Quick Serve" World`s Greatest Caramel Apple Dip

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Perfect for Caramel Apple Chips or ice cream. People love the taste of this Gourmet Caramel Topping.6 - 8 lb. cans per case.

Granulated Peanuts

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Carmel Apples and Granulated peanuts make a great pair.  With this 30# box of granulated peanuts, your carmel apples will be the hit of the town.

Twin Caramel Apple Dip Warmer

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This deluxe water bath warmer is a necessity to avoid burning any of the Caramel dip or Caramel toppings.  Simply place a #10 can into each of the warmers. Individual settings.

            • Dimensions: 22"W x 12"D x 11" H
            • Electrical-120 Volt
            • 650 Watts
            • Optional Stainless Steel bowl inserts 
            • Not recommended for Caramel Apples.

High Output Twin Caramel Dipper

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This High Output twin caramel warmer heats in half the time of the standard above unit.

            • Dimensions: 22"W x 14"D x 11" H
            • Electrical-120 Volt
            • 1400 Watts
            • This is the best unit Gold Medal sells for Caramel Apples.  Go for the best with The Caramel Quicker Dipper below.
            • Optional Stainless Steel bowl inserts 

Caramel Quicker Dipper

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The Quicker Dipper can save a lot of time on Caramel warming. Featuring an all new non-stick coating. Simply place the Quicker Dipper into a #10 can of Caramel into one of the warming units and cut down your warm up time by 60 minutes.

The Quicker Dipper will be working while you are making Caramel Apples. Once you have completed one can of Caramel simply replace the can with a new one and repeat the process.

            • Electrical 115 Volts
            • 37.5 Watts.

Setter Sticker

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The Setter Sticker is a must for great Caramel Apple production. Spring loaded.


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These Setterstixs are packed 1000 box. Perfect for use with the Setter Sticker. Use for caramel apples, corn dogs, fudge puppies or just about anything "on a stick"

5 1/2" in length-1000/bx

5.5" Wooden Sticks

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Great for corn dogs or candy apples.  Packed 1000 per case.

Printed Candy Apple Bags

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Dress up your caramel or candy apples with these Candy Apple bags. These satchel bottom poly bags are packed on headers for easy handling.

Each bag is 6" x 6"  Packed 1000 per case.